Lolasana (Pendant or Earring Pose)

Iyengar's difficulty rating: 6* out of 60*

Iyengar's Technique:

  1. Sit on the floor. Stretch your legs forward in front of you.
  2. Place your palms on the floor beside your hips.
  3. Lift your seat away from the floor, bend your R knee and place your heel beneath your L buttock.
  4. Bend your L knee and place your heel beneath your R buttock. Sit down on your heels with your legs crossed at the shins/calves. Point your toes back.
  5. On an exhale, push your palms into the floor and lift your hips, torso, and legs off the floor, so that only your hands touch the ground. Straighten your arms. Gently rock your torso forward and backward with normal breathing for as long as possible.
  6. Be sure to perform this posture with your legs crossed both ways.

Comparing Forms:

  • Iyengar keeps his fingers together. I spread my fingers apart for more control, stability, and awakening in my hands and wrists.
  • I have lifted my legs and hips higher than Iyengar, even though my arms are shorter relative to my torso and legs. How? I swing my hips back and compress my knees higher towards my abdomen and chest. Thus, my spine is closer to parallel with the floor, while Iyengar's torso is more perpendicular to the floor.